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Parking Integrated Management and Access Control System (PIMACS) Solution — PIMACS


PIMACS is a complete end-user software application for automated vehicle management and access control. PIMACS is using the natively integrated PARK IP camera and the LPR Parking Digital license plate recognition software. The identification of the vehicles naturally based on their license plate number. 

When a vehicle arrives to a gate controlled by PIMACS, the PARK camera takes pictures about this vehicle and the LPR software reads its license plate. Both the pictures and the read plate number are then given to PIMACS. Based on the preset access criteria in PIMACS's database, the software then does or does not open the gate or barrier for the vehicle to pass through. 

PIMACS includes database handling for flexible vehicle registration and versatile access management. With the software you can easily manage wide variety of access criteria, such as when and where a vehicle can enter or leave from. All access data - images of passing vehicles, plate number, time stamps, etc. - are stored for later lookup, searching,  analyzing and reporting. 

 Technical Specifications and Function list of PIMACS — LPR-SMART and LPR-STREET

Functionality — Automated gate control: number plate is read when a vehicle arrives to the checkpoint; number plate is evaluated from database blacklist and whitelist management;

Parking Lot Support — The system offers a parking fee calculation when a vehicle leaves the area;

User Management — Different user privileges can be set: user and group handling ;

Supported Languages — Default interface language: English;

Triggering — When analytics software or an external device (e.g. loop controller or infrared photocells) detects the arrival of a vehicle, it sends a signal through the camera to the system and IO box that executes the entire access control procedure;

Permission Management — Number plates can be categorized; Blacklist and whitelist management; Alerting or warning is raised upon unauthorized activity;

Logging — Every event is archived in a log file; Alarm is raised upon error.

Technical parameters of PIMACS - LPR-SMART and LPR-STREET

Trigger & Control — Hardware trigger: can be connected to the camera through its input port (e.g. loop controller with detectors or infrared photocells); Software trigger: analytical software module detects objects (vehicles) movement in specified area from PARK camera live stream video; Gate control command: signal can be sent through the output port of the camera and IO box;

Data exports & imports — csv, xml, xls support; Blacklists and whitelists can be imported;

Connections — Camera connected to the PC via IP Ethernet connection; Gate is controlled directly from the camera & IO box output port; Any kind of detection sensor can be connected directly to the camera & IO box wired input port (optional);

Working Temparature — From -40 degrees  to  +55 degrees Celsius.


PIMACS LPR-SMART includes all for vehicle access control:

Automated vehicle entry of cars with registered number plates. Gate / door are controlled automatically, directly by the camera and IO module box

Storage of all incoming / outgoing car images, plate numbers, time stamps. Full audit trail of all vehicles. The system keeps record of incoming and outgoing time of each vehicle.

Central registration of permit holders / disabled users / car park users. No need for access cards or codes

Whitelist: Permit cars and open gate / doors

Blacklist: Warning when unwanted car appears at the gate

Alert list: Alert messages of recognized cars to management central

Easy registration of guest vehicles for given time period

User and administrator access rights

Manual gate opening option from the controller PC

PARK cameras could use as a Video Surveillance System in the parking  places

LPR-SMART Benefits:

Full audit trail of all vehicles

Reduced administration

Low maintenance cost

Better traffic flow

Central registration of permit holders / disabled or alerted users / car park users no need for access cards or remote control / codes etc.


PIMACS LPR-STREET includes all for vehicle recognition and number plates data management:

International (EU, USA and 3d countries) Number plate detection

Access Control and WBA lists adding and managing

Email outputs (WBA alarms, CAM errors, STATS info etc.)

Various Alarm management and support level - alarm in the event or an error and notify on-to Email or SMS/text or Security Centre 

XML, CSV, PDF output exporting 

Average speed calculation from A and B

Various ALGO integration

Scalable architecture from single application to clustered, load balanced enterprise environment

High Availability

Comprehensive data audit log

Send notifications about failures to the responsible staff members with various manageable emergency levels

Operation in all times and weather conditions (day, night, sun, rain, snow etc.)

Multi-level authorization

Search by exact number plate or it's symbols using logic variables

Search by special criteria ( time, date, period, camera)

Various View Filters use, adding and managing for specific requirements

Real-time View


LPR-CLOUD is an effective, cost-efficient and scale-able vehicle license plate recognition

LPR-CLOUD’s cloud-based architecture means that there is no need for recognition server infrastructure to install or maintain on site – just apply the cameras with username and password, send images and get results, automatically send signals for opening gates or barriers afterwards, full access to the data – ALL in REAL-TIME

No costly recognition and data infrastructure worries - just send images and access the data

LPR-CLOUD provide fully automated solution for opening gates or barriers at the entrance or exit places

All vehicle’s entrance and exit times are triggered and registered in database, important information send to the company or customer through E-Mail / SMS / Security Panel

Full detailed information about recognized vehicles licence plates are available for historical statistics and analytical purposes

Benefit from our LPR-CLOUD in-place and side by side server upgrades - you’ll never have to be worried about upgrade


A centralized counting system for storing, processing and analyzing the flow data of people and cars on roads traffic for statistical purposes.

The solution for the product is designed for use in direct integration with cameras from MOBOTIX AG manufacturer, which are implemented with complex video processing algorithms: MxActivitySensor module with intelligent 3D motion detection and MxAnalytics support, which can track and determine direction of movement of objects (entering/exiting), the idle time and even the speed of movement.
Any event is recorded, counted and collected hourly. By using the System Report generator - you can prepare and extract statistics reports about flow of objects and tracking thereof, every day hourly or weekly, monthly, yearly or for specific periods in different summaries.
Creating a report lets you select the information you're interested in using different data selection filters. In addition, you can display data in a graphic (chart) form, as well as export data to different formats such as XLS, XLSX and CSV.

To see INFO and DEMO

There is approximately 8 Billions counted flow data since 2016


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